July 28, 2020

Expand New Boundaries

Dear friends,
We are glad to announce that the basic confectionary of our Company, halva was paid with attention and appreciated at its true value. Now our product can be purchased through Wildberries international on-line shop.

Expand New Boundaries

Wildberries is an international on-line shop of clothes, shoes, electronics, children`s goods, household goods, food products and other goods. Along with Russia, it operates in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Armenia.

Since 2020, the Company has been working in EU market. Currently beloved product can be bought from anywhere in Russia through in-home shopping.

Delicious and natural oriental sweets have been favorite foods in many regions of our country over the years. The unique production technology as per GOST was developed by our process engineers who make halva high-quality, natural without adding antioxidants and taste boosters.

Hurry up to buy Bogucharskie Halva Marble 450 g with a discount even today! Have a good tea time!