Sept. 1, 2015

Money of Etalon PROMO

Promo terms:

- you need to buy one of the Etalon Sunflower Seeds packs (40 g, 80 g, 130 g or 200 g);

- detect a money prize in the pack.

IMPORTANT! The prizes are not enclosed in all packs. It is not possible to know if the prize is inside prior to opening the pack. 

The promo participant who finds a prize in the pack becomes its owner at the very same moment.

For those who do not want to be satisfied with what they have already won, they can participate in a weekly prize draw.

Money of Etalon PROMO

To be a participant of the prize draw, you should act as follows:

- Join the group of Bogucharskie Sunflower Seeds in VKontakte social network on or Odnoklassniki social network on;

- Add your photo with a prize with a hashtag* #etalonopromo.

The group administrator will provide each photo with its unique number.

Once a week, the winner of 4,000 rubles will be randomly revealed.

The beginning of weekly prize draws to be advised additionally.

The promo period: from 01 September 2015 to 30 November 2015.

* hashtag is the hash sign # etalonopromo should be added to the photo description.