May 31, 2012

Money for sms Promo

The promotion has become popular with our customers that we decided to extend it for another two months, until 05/31/2012

From 01/16/2012 to 03/31/2012 "Boguchar seeds" will top up your mobile phone account so that you can call more often, and talk longer and more interesting!

A huge number of prizes are being raffled off - you have 350,000 thousand chances to find tokens in the pack of Bogucharsky Seeds Selected to replenish your account with a face value of 20, 30 and 50 rubles.

And the most active participants, at the end of each week, will receive 1,000 rubles. to your mobile phone account (the results will be summed up every Sunday during the promotion period until 20-00).

Money for sms Promo

Conditions for replenishing the account and realizing the winnings:

  1. Buy a pack of Bogucharsky Seeds, with a favorable set of circumstances, find a prize token in it.
  2. Send an individual alphanumeric code to 1500.
  3. After checking the code, the amount indicated in the token will be transferred to your account.

For successful automatic processing, SMS must contain only a Unique code)