Nov. 11, 2011

Golden Autumn Promo

The action "Golden Autumn" was held from 11/11/2011 to 12/11/2011.

Organizer LLC "Agro-Sputnik"

Gold Items are being raffled off. Bracelets enclosed in packages with Seeds "Etalon" 130 gr. marked "Action". The one who finds the golden pendant will receive a golden bracelet as a gift.

Each field prize in the prize distribution center is expected to have a whole box with individual products manufactured by Agro-Sputnik LLC.

Photos of the winners will be published on the official website of the company and in the media.

Details of promotions and the address of the prize distribution center can be obtained by phone: 8-(8442) 26-45-36.

Golden Autumn Promo

On December 19, the solemn awarding ceremony for the winner of the Easy Money campaign from the well-known brand Boguchar Seeds took place.

Companies hold prize draws or promotions, participating in which you can win a cash prize. I visited the drawing, which was held by the company "Agro-Sputnik". When I arrived at the indicated address, I was very surprised at how much Boguchar Seeds is in demand among the residents of Lipa.

The winner was awarded in one of the stores of the Pokupayka chain, where Agro-Sputnik offers its products to customers. Shop visitors had the opportunity to treat themselves to "Bogucharsky seeds" for free, they were distributed to everyone at the entrance.

And the winner of the action was Lyudmila Dmitrievna Nenakhova, who received the main prize of 30,000 rubles.

- The first time I tried "Bogucharsky seeds" this spring, when I worked as a seller in a kiosk, - shared Lyudmila Dmitrievna. - I immediately liked the seeds very much: large, well-fried and very tasty. Gnawing them in the evening in front of the TV has become almost a ritual for our entire family. And it's such a pleasure!

Having learned about the Easy Money promotion, I decided to take part in it, although at first I didn’t really believe that I could win. But very often I came across coins in bags of seeds, and the conditions of the action were not at all difficult: just collect 30 logos and packages and compose a quatrain or slogan about “Bogucharsky seeds”. The poem was born almost immediately, I just wrote the truth, rhyming it in a quatrain:

Be sure to choose the time

To gnaw "Bogucharsky seeds."

Selected, fried and aromatic.

Taste - very pleasant!

The news that I became the winner was very unexpected, but very pleasant. This money has become a real gift not only for myself, but for the whole family.

Lyudmila Dmitrievna Nenakhova received a prize of 30,000 rubles. in full, all tax expenses were covered by the Agro-Stupnik company, which carried out the action. The rest of the participants who sent their poems and, unfortunately, did not win according to the results of the action, were given consolation prizes.

The company "Agro-Sputnik" pleases consumers with its products for more than a year. For 9 years, the company from a small firm, with a staff of only 5 people, has developed into a serious production structure. The main brand of the company is Bogucharsky Selected Roasted Seeds, which have long been loved by all lovers of this delicacy.

The Agro-Sputnik company was awarded a diploma of the international exhibition ProdExpo in Moscow. And this is not surprising, because for the production of its products the company uses the best confectionery varieties of sunflower. High quality products - this is the main motto of this company.

And besides this, various promotions and drawings are constantly organized for lovers of Bogucharsky Seeds, where you can demonstrate your talents and get nice gifts for it.