June 30, 2013

Fast Buck PROMO has started


  • Coins of 10 rubles are enclosed in the packs of Relax Sunflower Seeds.
  • Purchasing the packs of sunflower seeds, you have the chance to find a coin which will be yours immediately as a rewarding bonus for you.
  • The number of promo packs you can buy is not limited and measured by only your love for the products of Agro-Sputnik Company.
Fast Buck PROMO has started

To take part in the creativity contest:

  • collect 30 logos with a promo mark,
  • compose a slogan or a quatrain about the Relax brand
  • and send it to the address: 18 Transportnaya st., village of Dyachenkovo, 396770, Bogucharsky District, Voronezh Oblast until 30/06/2013.

The creations of contest participants are assessed by the jury, the company`s employees.

The winner of the creativity contest is awarded with the top prize, 30,000 rubles, and the winner also gains fame and recognition. The winner`s photo and award-winning slogan will be posted on our site.