Jan. 1, 2010

Gold Horseshoe is for Luck

It has long been known that sunflower seeds are not just tasty product, but healthy. It is an excellent preventive mean for atherosclerosis. Moreover, the seeds eliminate harmful cholesterol out of a body, contain plenty of helpful vitamins and microelements.

But cracking sunflower seeds turns out to do not only good, but also welcome surprises.

The fans of Bogucharskie Sunflower Seeds Selected Roasted from Voronezh, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Rostov and Volgograd are sure about it.

Gold Horseshoe is for Luck

It seems that in these regions, there is no such a person who has not heard of the Gold promo from Agro-Sputnik Company, being a producer of these tasty sunflower seeds. The promo idea is simple. You do not need to invent, cut out or collect anything. Eat perfect sunflower seeds, and if you are lucky, find a gold coupon in the shape of a pretty butterfly or an elephant in a pack of Bogucharskie Sunflower Seeds Selected. If the stars align, and you came across the charm like a gold horseshoe, then you are going to be given with a modern laptop as a gift! No prize draws and thousands of applicants. One horseshoe equals to one laptop.

In every region where the promo from Bogucharskie Sunflower Seeds Selected was announced, 5 computers were drawn. And about 500 butterflies and elephants were available.

The top prize always can end up in your hands, as well as a beautiful gold jewelry, it`s worth just opening next pack of Bogucharskie Selected! The more so as, you will not have to regret. Even if you fail to find something, you will have excellent to the test sunflower seeds grown in the places where people show discrimination in them.

Before being put into a pack, Bogucharskie Sunflower Seeds Selected shall pass through several stages of quality control. After grading, they are additionally sorted out manually: our experience has shown that even premium equipment made in Germany can miss the objects which are not permitted in the packs. In addition, after roasting, seeds are graded one more time. Therefore, the seeds are truly selected and without foreign inclusions.