Unglazed sunflower halva
450 g.


Bogucharskie Halva has a classic taste that meets the highest quality standards. Manufactured in compliance with all requirements of GOST

Nutritional value per 100 g of product

proteins – 12.9 g; fats – 30.2 g; carbohydrates – 42.6 g.

Energy value

494 kcal / 2068.3 kJ


4 months

Storage conditions

Store in clean, dry, odor-free, pest-free rooms at a temperature 18±3 ⁰С and relative air humidity of 70% at most.

Number of packages per box

6 pcs.

Gross weight of one box

2,9 kg.

Number of boxes in a euro pallet

168 pcs.

Packing barcode


Box barcode


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